Hoodwinked: Tricking students into having fun with fairy tales by Alisha Costanzo

Transmundane Press

When I was a teaching assistant, I taught an essay called the Adaptation/Variation, which allowed students to choose a text and change it in form, in character, in style, in any variety of means with one task in mind—interpretation. Most often, students chose fairy tales because they were familiar from their youth and had seen an array of adaptations.

I stopped teaching this essay because a task of this magnitude—to not only create a brand-new text but to also write an essay analyzing the changes made and how it builds meaning on the original and on its own—needs more than a few weeks’ time. Thus, I’d tossed it out of my classroom for a while.

But it lingered in the back of my mind as the semesters continued because I had written this paper before I taught it. I loved the lessons I’d built for it. So with the opportunity to…

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