Beauty and the Beast: Welcome to the Dark Side by Lorraine Sharma Nelson

A blog post from my upcoming interview with Lorraine Sharma Nelson!

Transmundane Press

Of all the iterations of this classic fable, very few actually deal with the fact that the poor girl, Beauty, is forced into servitude to the Beast by of all people, her own father. Most retellings focus on the Beast as a tragic hero, who needs the love of a good, kind, pure soul to break the evil witch’s dastardly spell, and turn him into the handsome prince he was, once upon a time.

That’s all very well and good. It is after all the version that we in civilized society prefer. When you really think about it though, this is just as much if not more, the tragic tale of a young girl who is forced by her father to become the captive of a terrifying monster.

In the original tale, our poor Beauty has no choice in the matter. Her father offers up his daughter to the beast…

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