Of Retellings by Rohit Sawant

“Because that’s the beauty of these stories; there is no one right version.” –Rohit Sawant

Transmundane Press

We’ve all come across them. People who believe fairy tales are something you “grow out of” rather than “grow up with.” The former are also the ones who emphatically declare that they won’t be reading fairy tales to their daughters or sons. Doing so only sets up unrealistic expectations, prejudices, and some of those stories can be pretty damn violent, too. And you’ll get no argument from me there. Those things do hold true. Take most Golden Age Disney animated features, for instance, where princesses pining after true love have perfect hair and waistlines like table legs, and the idolization of the Prince Charming figure. And of course, anyone who’s fat or isn’t young and traditionally good looking (whatever that is) is obviously evil or a stooge/side kick, right?

These interpretations, which pandered to a male chauvinistic society, might have become synonymous with fairy tales, but they only brush the…

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