“Your Best Fairy Tale” by Claudia Quint

Sharing out my latest guest post published over at Transmundane Press’s Blog, on the nature of fairy tales, in support of the anthology “After the Happily Ever After.” Enjoy!

Transmundane Press

Fairy tales will never die.

In the passage of time, we push them to the background. They fade from memory as we age, forgotten. While tucking a child into bed, we are faced with that timeless request to keep the dark at bay: “Tell us a story.”

And in an instant, we are transported back to youth.

And yet, fairy tales are not really for the young exclusively. They are for all our times, all our ages. We are always telling ourselves fairy tales, for better or for worse. Sometimes, they are as simple as being the captain of a school sports team, or achieving honors in a class. Sometimes, it’s climbing a mountain, meeting our true love, or running a business. For others, it’s going to school, graduating, getting a job, making a living, getting married, buying a house, and having children of our own –  a fairy tale…

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