After Avalon Anthology, Unleashed!


Cover art for the new anthology After Avalong, from 18th Wall Productions by the amazing artist Barbara Sobczynska

…. err, released, rather.

You can view Barbara Sobczynska’s deviant art gallery here, she’s truly one of a kind, and has been featured on Bored Panda.

Behind the art work, amazing visions of Avalon await you, alongside my telling of Mordred’s fate as we follow him to Victorian England at Kelmscott House, where he has insinuated himself into the culture of the Pre-Raphaelites, in “Mordred, Beguiled” (the creation of which I go into detail in a previous blog post, here.)

I look forward to reading the anthology myself, and hope you will, too.

This is the TOC:

The May Hawk’s Daughter by Colin Fisher
Sir Gawain and the Quest for Merlin’s Tree by Leigh Ann Cowan
The Hour of Their Need by Amy Wolf
Paste-Bones and Ragdolls by Thomas Olivieri
Bel Nemeton by Jon Black
The Knight of the Ice Moon by Patricia S. Bowne
Mordred, Beguiled by Claudia Quint
The Saga of Freydis Beastsbane by David Wiley
The Confession of Mrs. Fay by Christian Bone
The Hammer and the Spear by Patrick S. Baker
Forsaking All Others by Elizabeth Zuckerman



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