News! “Arrows” Has Been Sold!

I’m excited to announce that I recently signed a contract with Less Than Three Press for my romantic revision of the Robin Hood mythos from the Sheriff’s point of view, Arrows Fletched With Peacock Feathers. This started out as a novella submission for their Fairytales volume, but they offered me the chance to do Arrows as a stand alone.

The blurb, as well as I can remember writing it:

The Sheriff ruthlessly enforces the laws of Nottingham, struggling to live up to his title, until an outlaw named Robin Hood crashes through his bedroom window, overturning his ordered world and threatening to steal the Sheriff’s heart.

Maid Marian also makes an appearance in this multi-faceted romance between bisexual and genderqueer characters. Won’t you be merry with us?

This novella holds a special place in my heart, in part because while doing research, I discovered my mother’s surname listed among the tales, and in part because, well, Alan Rickman. In many ways, it was his portrayal I reflected on time and time again. He passed during the writing of it, which made it somehow more poignant.


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