Music in the Key of Love: Amber Run

While I write, I often make playlists and load them on my portable music device; the rest of the day I might listen to audiobooks and podcasts. But what happens when the battery runs down? Oh, the humanity!

I turn to Youtube, for help, actually. Aside from their helpful playlist options where I tend to save videos that help stoke the creative fires, its autoplay introduces me to new music and new artists in the meantime.

That’s how I stumbled onto Amber Run’s “I Found” video. The music is nicely produced for layered sound that really got me in the mood for the writing day, but I found myself sucked into the video itself — remember when us old folks used to watch music videos on television? (I know, tell me about it.)

The music video tells the story of a kidnapping for ransom gone wrong — love at first sight strikes and the victim and the perpetrator are going to have to answer it, despite the consequences.


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